Microsoft is trying to include advertising even in WordPad

If there is something that came to apparently keep Windows 10 it was advertising. We have seen from ads on the lock screen, to recommended applications that are added to the start menu without anyone asking for it.

But not only Candy Crush Saga's nightmare is going to haunt us every time we update Windows 10, there are also smaller details that appear in unexpected places, such as the new Office advertising in WordPad .

Announcing Office Online within WordPad is not a bad idea, although some find it annoying

As shown in several screenshots Rafael Rivera an engineer famous on Twitter for sharing some experimental functions of Windows 10 that discovered in the Insider versions of the system, the old WordPad has just become a "recommendation" space for Microsoft Office Online.

That makes sense, of course it does. WordPad is like a version of Microsoft Word in the bones, with the most basic possible and one that we usually use who do not install any office software when we have nothing more to display an Office document in Windows .

It is an app of those classic Windows that are still included year after year, decade after decade, and that almost no one uses them much, but they remain for a reason and sometimes they can get us out of a mini hurry. Just then it seems that Microsoft considers it ideal to suggest its free Office version that you can use online from any browser to do the same as WordPad does, but better .

Microsoft Office Online is a very basic version with reduced features compared to Office 365, but it is free and also serves to get out of more trouble. These ads are currently experimental and were discovered within the Build 19546 of Windows 10, we may see them in the stable version one day or maybe not, and with the small size they are, they are definitely less annoying than YouTube advertising Premium.




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