Huawei employee receives severance pay and spends 9 months in jail on charges of blackmail and extortion

The man spent 251 days behind bars, until his wife found a recording confirming the compensation negotiations.

A wave of rage broke out in Chinese social networks before the story of Li Hongyuan, who accused Huawei of presenting him as a blackmailer and extortionist before the Police, which cost him nine months in prison.

Hongyuan, who He identifies himself as a former employee of that company and related the facts to the Jiemian portal (whose publication has been deleted), he maintains that he worked there from 2005 to January of last year . After being fired, for several weeks he discussed the amount of his compensation, and finally received in March about 45,000 dollars which were sent to him through the private bank account of a Huawei secretary, a detail at Li initially paid no attention.

In early January, Li was arrested by police on charges of extorting Huawei funds. The only evidence available to the prosecution was the bank transfer. He was released in August, after 251 days behind bars after his wife found a recording confirming the negotiations on compensation. The Prosecutor's Office paid compensation of around $ 15,000 for unjustified detention.

On December 2, Huawei rejected all responsibility in that case. " We respect the decisions of the judicial authorities including the Police, the Prosecutor's Office and the Court. If Li Hongyuan believes that his rights and interests were violated, we encourage him to defend them through legal channels including a lawsuit against Huawei, " said the company in a statement published by the CCTV network.

That response did not satisfy Internet users, who demand that the company apologize to the former employee. [19659003] " An elephant stepped on an ant but did not kill it, so he said: 'You can also step on me'", commented the reaction of Huawei a user of the Chinese Weibo platform , to demonstrate the disparity of possibilities of the two parties.

"Huawei did not give a timely response to help resolve the conflict more reasonably, and this reflects defects in its management ", wrote the re Chief editor of the Global Times newspaper, Hu Xijin.

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