Facebook moderators in Europe prepare a lawsuit for the company for the serious psychological effects produced by the work

The Facebook moderators in Europe are suing the company in Europe due to the effects produced by the content they have to witness every day at work, reports Vice . The conflict comes from afar, and this year we have known through two extensive reports of The Verge depressions and poor working conditions.

So much so that, according to one of the investigations, one of the moderators of Facebook practically died at his workplace from a heart attack. It is not an easy content to assume even for people who have agreed to work on something like that and one of the people reported that he saw the genitals of a live mouse mutilate, cut a cat's face with an ax of war or people playing with human fetuses.

The worst of it is that for $ 15 an hour and without sick leave employees report that the facilities are usually dirty, and robberies and fights are frequent.

occurs with moderation in Europe

 Facebook <img alt=" Facebook "src =" https://i.blogs.es/16f364/facebook/450_1000.jpg%5B19659008%5BThearticleofVicewhereitisexplainedwhatishappeningbetweenFacebookcontentmoderatorsinEuropetelltestimonialssimilartothosewemetearlierHerethemoderatorsalsoworkincompaniessubcontractedbythecompanyfoundedbyMarkZuckerbergandarepreparing a lawsuit against their company, CPL Resources, and against the company of the social network for having suffered "psychological trauma" in the exercise of their work.

Several employees or former employees are preparing the claim. Among them is Sean Burke, who has told Vice that he had to take antidepressants at work after watching videos of brutal murders, rapes and child pornography. Obviously, moderating these contents is a job that humans must do until machine learning techniques can deal with it but the big complaint that emanates from the European and American teams is that the profiles of workers who they are not prepared for what they have to endure watching those videos.

In the European case, a worrying aspect for Facebook is that among the plaintiffs is a company worker, not outsourced . A person who, despite not being a moderator, has had limited access to videos and images. Even with a very short exposure space, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Thus there are many more cases, such as Daniel Valdermasson, who despite believing himself capable of dealing with any type of content by having a lot of Internet experience now He acknowledges that he has not done well, and has suffered a panic attack by going to work. " The problem is not to see an adult man beheaded, it is to see a small baby of six months being raped ," he says.

Diane Treanor is the lawyer who directs the lawsuit from Dublin. On the one hand, they expect many of the 40,000 moderators who work for Facebook to join and form a snowball. But, on the other hand, the problem that the lawyer has is that many moderators will not join due to the confidentiality contracts they allegedly signed




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