A-ads.com Anonymous Ads Review - The Best Paying Bitcoin AdNetwork

A-ads.com Anonymous Ads Review – The Best Paying Bitcoin AdNetwork

A-ads.com or Anonymous Ads is an advertising network that doesn’t collect personal data, and that’s the tagline of this bitcoin advertisement network. That’s what makes this network different from other giants network like Google AdSense. Because it’s obvious from its name “Anonymous Ads” that they will not collect any personal data from you and from your blog visitors. They don’t know what website do you visited regularly and what query did you type on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Like what the website says it’s a bitcoin advertising network that respects your privacy.

A-Ads Offers CPC and CPM
This network provides cost per click (CPC) and cost per mile (CPM). You can earn up 0.00001673 BTC ($0.01) per click and 0.00035729 BTC ($0.27) per mile, note that they may increase and decrease over time but now it’s increasing. they provide banner and text advertisements, the design is simple it’s not distractive so you can easily implement the ads on your blog. You can see the example of the ads in my right sidebar and below the title of this posts.

Anonymous Ads is the best paying bitcoin network available now for every publisher out there. Not just that they also provide a transparent analytics on your account, so you can monitor how the ads perform on your blog. I can assure you that this network is legit and paying, they paid me so many times without any problem.

a-ads.com statistics

Why Only Small Blogger Using This?
So you might ask me if this network is really paying and never scam people, then why big time blogger out there is not using this network? My conclusion about that questions is that these bloggers don’t know what is bitcoin. If you visit their blog they don’t have any single post regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrency. So the answer is simply they don’t know what bitcoin is. If you accidentally click this article or you just click this because you are curious and you don’t know what bitcoin is my friendly advice is search “what is bitcoin” on Google.

Minimum Traffic Requirements?
There are no traffic requirements in order to join on anonymous ads, that’s one of the great features of this network. No minimum traffic requirements so everyone can join, even if you have only 100 page views a day but remember the more traffic the more money. 

My daily page views are 1,000 up to 2,000 and with that page views I can reach the minimum payment threshold in one day. So with that small amount of traffic they can pay you every day, image if you have 10,000 page views a day you can earn more from your blog!

Payment Details
Anonymous Ads has a very low minimum payout compare to other giants advertisement networks that ranging from $5 to $100 while in a-ads.com is only 0.0001 BTC. That minimum payout is very low so you can withdraw every day with a small amount of traffic.

They will pay you automatically every 24 hours once you reach the minimum payout threshold so if you implement their ads code on your blog, all you need to do is to write new posts and get visitors and wait for payment from them. You can save your time because you don’t need to withdraw your earnings automatically.

The only payment option in which you can receive your payment from anonymous ads is via bitcoin. Remember that this network never collects your personal data, so the only way to pay you without knowing who you are is via bitcoin. Don’t ask for PayPal bitcoin price is rising so create your own bitcoin wallet now. Don’t know how? Just search on Google or I’ll make a tutorial about that next month.

Payment Proof
I know that it’s hard to trust someone you just meet by searching on Google like me. But I can guarantee you that a-ads.com or anonymous ads is a legit and paying advertisement network. I consider their network performance as the best bitcoin advertising network ever existed. If you don’t want to believe my words, just look at the screenshots below fro payment proof.

a-ads.com Payment Proof

If the image above looks like fake to you can visit my bitcoin address at blockchain.info so you can view my btc transactions. 

How to join?
If you want to join on this great advertising network just visit this link: a-ads.com/user/sign_up. And fill up all the required details like the image below. They don’t need so much information so it’s easy for everyone to signup.

a-ads.com sign up

If you want to receive your payments every 24 hours after reaching the minimum payout just go to: a-ads.com/user/edit and setup your payment details, add your bitcoin address to receive payment instantly.

a-ads.com payment details

Referral Program

Referral is a great feature for every advertising network but in anonymous ads, they don’t have a referral for a publisher. But there is 50% referral program for the advertiser, you can refer an advertiser even if you’re just a publisher to earn extra money. Want to earn more? go to a-ads.com/affiliate_programs and setup you referral banner for advertiser!

Final Words

I’m hoping that this a-ads.com reviews will help you guys to earn extra dollars like what I did. Did you signup then how much your earnings per day? please comment below I want to know how much you earn from anonymous ads.

If you found my articles helpful to you please comment and share guys or please send me a little amount of bitcoin. If you have a nice heart and you’re willing to give this is my bitcoin address: 


If you have any questions about this awesome bitcoin advertisement network you’re free to write that question in the comment section below. Happy blogging and happy earnings guys!




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